TO DO (_ = not done, > = in-progress, x = done)
> Construct CSS Wrapper Version
  x Make base structure template
    x add paneFooter links
    x Integrate 10/16 specs - see notes
    x Roll over menu bar, top
      x fix background color / foreground color
      x Breadcrumbs, class for current
      x fix gap between hovers
    > Navi grid reveal
      > experiment with js slide ups
      x install and test Interface Slide demo page
      x acquire Interface libraries
      x test Interface slide
      > make simple test of slide for navi grid reveal
        x ultra simple version
	> replace on click with on load 
	> delay slide on load
	x overlapping
	  x test css positioning
	> overlapping + image map
    _ Roll over menu bar, bottom
      > fix padding
  _ Make a back-end server simulator in PHP
  > Test
_ Embed live grid
  _ Research best method
  _ Test
  _ Integrate into wrapper


the interface/jquery effect to use for the "slide in down" is 
demo'ed here:


Reference Bits

Design Inventory

Ajax Stuff

RICO Live Grid

+ RICO Accordian



Reveal in inline list