Slimbox TO DO (_ = not done, > = in-progress, x = done)
x try slimbox vanilla
  x set up new push area on local box
    x make peer directory for slimbox
    x install push script
    x ssh to dh and create corresponding dir
    x link to from staging index
  x get slimbox (and mootools)
    x review docs, orientation
      x note any observations
    x install sample slimbox project, in own dir
      x install libraries
      x index.html
      x test
    x poke sample project with a stick
      x test and experiment
      x insert non photo data ???
      x note any observations
x try whitebox version of tourism page
  x new dir, new link
  x create bare div html + slimbox css
  x install libraries
> find and try workaround for inline/ajax content
_ site specific tweaks 
  _ tbd
_ presentation tweaks
  _ tbd

NOTES (reverse chronological)

Thu Feb 22 15:17:20 PST 2007
  - doesn't seem to do inline content[1]
  - looking for workaround? mootools+ajax?

Wed Feb 14 14:42:00 PST 2007
  - setting everything up.
  - how to do non-photo/arbitrary data?

--- footnotes ---

[1] "Slimbox is for images only and I have no plan to change that now. I develop these scripts
for my own use and I share them. Feel free to modify the code to handle Ajax content. Mootools
is a complete framework and contains a simple module dedicated to Ajax requests (I use it for
the live search on this website), so of course you don't need to alter mootools code."
 Christophe Beyls    01 novembre 2006, 21:04 (