LiveGrid TO DO (_ = not done, > = in-progress, x = done)
> try rico vanilla
  x set up new push area on local box
    x locate wrapper push
    x make peer directory for livegrid
    x transcribe todo.html
    x install push script
    x ssh to dh and create corresponding dir
    x link to from staging index
  > get rico
    x review rico docs, orientation
      x note observations that relate to gcon lg
    > install sample rico project, in own dir
      x install prototype.js
      x install rico.js
      > index.html
        _ base on rico guide
      _ quick and dirty response generator
      _ test
    _ poke sample project with a stick
      _ test and experiment
      _ note observations that relate to gcon lg
_ try rico + gcon appliance
  _ new dir, new link
  _ create bare div html + rico css
  _ install prototype.js
  _ install rico.js
  _ suss out rico > appliance communication
  _ plug rico into appliance
_ site specific tweaks (eg. context-appropriate images)
  _ tbd
_ presentation tweaks
  _ tbd

NOTES (reverse chronological)

Mon Jan 22 14:45:36 PST 2007 - Question of the day: how much pre-buffering
does livegrid do? Or do we pass range parameters on subsequent response
queries? And if that's the case, are the gcon web services set up to 
handle that?

Sat Jan 20 14:32:22 PST 2007 - Rico documentation leaves much to
be desired. Only guide to livegrid appears to be out of date. Hunting
down accurate info.

Fri Jan 19 14:17:23 PST 2007 - Every Rico Ajax response must have
<ajax-response> as the root of the XML returned. Is this true of the gcon
appliance? Verify. Also: each response wrapped in <response> tags. Okay?
Also, in response tag, type and id attributes are custom to implementation.