Collapsible Menu TO DO (_ = not done, > = in-progress, x = done)
> try Collapsible Menu vanilla
  x set up new push area on local box
    x make peer directory for collmenu
    x install push script
    x ssh to dh and create corresponding dir
    x link to from staging index
  > get collmenu 
    x review docs, orientation
      x note any observations
    x install sample project, in own dir
      x install libraries
      x index.html
      x test
    x poke sample project with a stick
      x test and experiment
      x note any observations
> try whitebox version of tourism page
  x new dir, new link
  x install libraries
  > work out in test.html how to get multiple instances to co-exist
    x experiment with two instances in test.html
      x try two ids: menu and menu2
        (that seems to work fine. may not be optimal check.)
      x try two instances side by side in test.html
      x same, three
> make whitebox deliverable version with docs
  x futz with test
  x fix up css - whiteboxify
  x write up documentation
  x move to appropriate location (ie index)
  > test in safari and ie/win
  _ ping eric
_ is multi id optimal? what are the alternatives?
_ is simultaneous, cross column accordianedness okay?
_ non-table version
_ site specific tweaks 
  _ tbd
_ presentation tweaks
  _ tbd

NOTES (reverse chronological)

Fri Mar  2 11:39:57 PST 2007
  - writing up a quick how to / whitebox version.

Tue Feb 27 10:36:33 PST 2007
  - the multiple ul id trick seems reasonable.
  - i'm using tables for the side by side, but I may go pure css here.
  - i'm not sure if i like the behavior wherein multiple columns can be
    accordianed on different levels simultaneously.

Mon Feb 26 16:30:08 PST 2007
  - goofing around with multiple instances in one document

Fri Feb 23 15:46:22 PST 2007
  - pretty straightforward. don't see any issues at the moment.

Thu Feb 22 16:25:34 PST 2007
  - setting stuff up